Today’s culture in America is all about being youthful, looking youthful, acting youthful.  Our television shows, commercials, magazines, etc. are geared towards the ‘young,’ to the point of ridiculousness, at times.  I have nothing against ‘tweens’ and ‘twenty-somethings.’ What I DO object to is the lack of attention to, and mis-representation of our seniors in this country.  Without revealing my age, I can tell you that I wouldn’t go back in time for anything.  I have earned my age with all of its benefits and transitions…the ‘crow’s feet’ around my eyes (which I call laugh lines), the once absent wrinkles on my face and neck (which I call life lines), are indicators that I have lived, loved and learned and I am STILL living, loving and learning, just like our residents here at Sweetwood of Williamstown!

Our residents include Ph.ds, artists, professors, teachers, librarians, former State Department employees, WW II and Korean War veterans, dental hygienists, seamstresses,  world travelers…the list goes on.  Many of our residents have lived at Sweetwood for 15 or more years and some have just moved in!  For all of the differences in their histories and experiences, our Sweetwood residents all have something in common–a zest for life!

When we invite people to tour Sweetwood and share the benefits of living in this amazing community–the Sweetwood community and the Williamstown community–we are inviting you to embrace your zest for life, to share your history and to create your future, whether you are 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100! Sweetwood of Williamstown is not just a beautiful building with stunning apartment homes and a stellar, unparalleled view.  Sweetwood is a place where every age is celebrated; where every DAY is celebrated with music, art, hiking, swimming, dining with friends and making new memories!

Is 80 the new 60?  For some- maybe.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is being young at heart, taking advantage of the exciting, energizing and enriching life that is available here at Sweetwood and remembering that every day is a new beginning regardless of how old one may be!