As the Executive Director of a gorgeous, premier retirement community, I cannot count the number of times I have heard the phrase “I’m not ready yet,” when talking with retirees about the benefits of a senior living community, whether they be 65 or 95!

“Not ready for what,” is usually my first question, in response. “I want to wait until I need it,” is quite often the reply. “Need what,” I ask.  “You know, when I need help…, when I can’t live alone any more.”

Ah…the STIGMA of senior living communities strikes again! For some reason, many people believe that any senior living community is akin to a nursing home; not true.   Many people also believe that all senior living communities are Assisted Living facilities; again, not true.  Based on these erroneous beliefs, active, energetic and vital seniors are depriving themselves of luxury living, of WORRY FREE living, and of having enriching experiences and forming new relationships.

A person doesn’t have to require any  assistance  to enjoy the freedom, the independence, the social, cultural and intellectual comradery and stimulation of an Independent Living community like Sweetwood of Williamstown!  Yes, we have a Health & Wellness department and an RN for when or if a resident needs some assistance, whether it be from a 24 hour bug, rehab after a knee replacement, assistance after an operation; and this service is part of what contributes to an independent and worry free life style.  However, we encourage you to make the move well before you find yourself in regular need of assistance  with your activities of daily living; well before you take a tumble heading down those cellar stairs with the laundry basket, or slip on the ice while cleaning your snow covered driveway.

By embracing a new life journey in an exciting, engaging and enriching senior living community like Sweetwood of Williamstown now, when the choice is fully yours, while you are still involved in your church, alumni association, golf league, lodge or bridge club,  your transition to a new community will be much smoother.  You’ll have the opportunity to form new connections while nurturing the ones you’ve had for years, share your stories, create the perfect apartment home for yourself, come and go as you please, just as you do now, but knowing that you are surrounded and supported by fellow Sweetwood residents and a remarkable staff who are there when/if you need them, which may be in a week, a month or not for several years!

So, before we enter the colder, snowier, more challenging New England winter months, give yourself the present of the present!  Don’t wait to come to Sweetwood of Williamstown for lunch, dinner, a program, activity, a tour or to stay.  We’d love to have you!


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